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Clairol Professional iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment

Refreshing Susie Q’s DO!!

It can time to refresh my girlfriends hair again. Witch meant BLEACH! Muahaha Bleach really isn’t all that scary as long as you respect the product (follow the directions) you’ll be ok 😀 If it’s your first time using bleach or putting bleach on someone else’s hair, always start with a “test strand” to see how the hair will react. This information should also be with your bleach. I don’t recommend box bleach….. ever! Go to your local Beauty Supply Store!!!! Trust me & the cost is no different.

OK Moving on! This is Susie and she uses a hair masque about 2x a week. Her hair is really soft! So when working with her hair we want to keep the integrity of it. That’s always my goal when working with anyone’s hair. Instead of pushing the hair, Because I want instant result. Patience people! lol
(REMEMBER I am not a professional!) This is just how I do things.

I told Susie pick up some hair masque as well so we had something nice to hydrate her hair after bleaching. I was all out of good stuff. So she brings Clairol professional iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment here are the stats.

Formulated with IntenseCURE™, Clairol Professional iThrive™ Keratin Rescue Treatment instantly repairs damage.

  • Revives dry, damaged hair
  • Creates a layer of protection around each hair strand
  • Color-safeIMG_8972

Here’s Susie’s beforeIMG_8939 (2)Products used where:

*ion color brilliance powder lightner with a Conditioning , Dust-free formula for on and off the scalp application. With Gardenia+Coconut

*ion Sensitive Scalp 30 volume creme developer

*Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo for Blonde & Silver

*Any cheap conditioner to mix with the purple shampoo

*Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner

*Clairol iThive Keratin Rescue

(Linked products to Sally’s Beauty Supply where they were purchased)

Susie got a light trim & highlights this time around.

After rinsing the bleach out I could tell Susie’s hair was THIRSTY! But that’s pretty normal with bleach. I should have gotten a photo but completely forgot. I then used my mixture of purple shampoo & conditioner to help tone & moisturize her hair.  We then went on to tone her hair with the wella T18. I let her hair sit & tone for about 30 min. We then proceeded to giving her hair life again by using Clairol iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment!

Here’s Susie’s hair afterIMG_8954 (2)

Oh man Clairol iThrive keratin Rescue is AWEmazing!!! Her hair came back to life in just 5MIN! That’s it 5 whole min. Normally I don’t like to dry hair after bleaching it but… ya know we couldn’t wait!!! Susie’s hair was more alive leaving my house then when it arrived. I highly recommend Clairol iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment. Plus it’s super affordble & wont break the bank!! This is just one product in this line of Clairol Professional Keratin Rescue. Here’s some info:


The 3-step system includes a shampoo to instantly repair damage, a conditioner for lasting nourishment and a rich, conditioning treatment for damaged hair. To smooth split ends, try Split End Repair as the finishing step. Here’s a link (click here) for more info.

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Bringing hair back to life!

My daughter came to me the other day & decided she wanted to go back to having blonde hair. She had ombre for a bit & is just ready to move on with her hair color… as I’m sure most teens want do often lol After I put her highlights in, her hair was of course dried out & not very happy looking. So after a WEEK of letting her hair rest, we gave it the love it was missing! ( This is something I recommend to everyone who has just lightened their hair, No I’M NO PROFESSIONAL! I just have lots of experience with this.) I only used a couple of products because I wanted to see how well this OUAI hair masque worked. Here’s what happen…..

I started with washing & toning her hair, (with purple shampoo) but because purple shampoo is so drying I add conditioner to it. I’ll post a set by step with how to do all this as soon as I can… 🙂

After washing I applied OUAI hair care treatment masque & let it sit for about  4 min. Then rinsed it out with luke warm water. Cold water would of been better but my daughter was not having it haha

Letting her hair dry mostly naturally I applied Beyond the zone smooth criminal hair primer & Wella professionals shimmer delight shine spray. Then blow dried her hair the rest of the way.  Adding just a little more shine spray after. Here’s the outcome..


She is relieved to have “HAPPY” hair again haha

I highly recommend OUAI hair masque! It’s so hydrating! If your hair is in need of some love this combination of products is perfect & would work for all hair types!IMG_8651