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Glitter crazy? Come check out the “Glitter Grab Bag” by ORGLAMIX

Calling all glitter fanatics!!!!! Need a monthly dose of glitter to tame the “Sparkle beast” within? Well look no further Orglamix has your fix.

Let me start off by saying how excited I am about this company! Super amazing people, very friendly & to add some cherries on top?… Orglamix is 100% Handcrafted * Creuelty free * clean beauty!!

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Their mission

Orglamix founder Cheri tracy

About Orglamix & Their commitment

My experience with Orglamix Glitter grab bag Glitter Pigment. Lets start off with When it came!

The packaging was great, everything seem to be safe inside & had these cute stamps on the bag.

TORE IT OPEN to find the beauty it held inside lol

Inside I found:

This SUPER cute Aztec print zip up bag, that could double as a clutch. These bright colors are perfect for summer time. It even has a small loop on either side so you could get crafty & have a shoulder bag!20170616_131130 (2)


Inside this little bag of wonders holds the sparkling greatness that our “Sparkle beast” craves!! & that ladies & gentlemen IS……. the GLITTER!!!20170616_131012 (2)First impression? (Eyes WIDE) Holy glitter goddess! Yes!

Inside I got 6 shades of glitter & a glitter glaze.20170616_131325 (2)_LILet me just add how much I love that every name is a song title!!! It’s like they custom made them just for me!!! Hehehe

Lets talk product

glitter glaze

Glitter glaze – Minimize glitter fallout and keep each and every sparkle in its place with Orglamix Glitter Glaze. A creamy, concentrated, blendable colorless cream formula designed to grab and hold loose glitters, pigments, and shimmers so they won’t come off until you take them off. The 100% natural formula is  specifically formulated to lock down eye glitter and enhance its reflective quality for an attention grabbing metallic look.


black glitter

I love rock & roll – I love rock n’ roll! I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll is an opaque black ultrafine glitter that flashes an iridescent array of black as leather sparkles. So put another dime in the jukebox, baby.


red glitter

Red corvette – And honey, I say Little Red Corvette. Baby, you’re much too fast. Red Corvette is a microfine, ruby red opaque metallic glitter. Little Red Corvette. You need a love that’s gonna last.

purple glitter.png

Celebration – Let’s get this party started! Celebration is a medium cut, magnificent lavender lustre glitter that flashes an array of party perfect colors vibrant violet, exuberant pink and silver sparkles.


blue glitter.pngSailing – Well, it s not far down to paradise, at least it’s not for me. And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility. Sailing is an ultrafine, brilliant tropical blend of glitter with shimmering ocean blue, vibrant turquoise, metallic fuchsia and barely there pale blue iridescent sparkles. Sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be. Just a dream and the wind to carry me. And soon I will be free.

silver glitter.png

Straight up – Straight up now tell me. Do you really want to love me forever? Straight Up is an ultrafine opaque silver metallic glitter. Is it gonna be you and me together?

20170617_204310 (2)
Straight up

gold glitter.pngPour some sugar on me – Pour some sugar on me, c’mon fire me up. Pour your sugar on me, I can’t get enough. I’m hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet, yeah. Pour Some Sugar On Me is an ultrafine transparent sunset lustre glitter that flashes an iridescent array of golden sunshine, hazy copper and warm pink sparkles. Razzle ‘n’ a dazzle ‘n’ a flash a little light.


These pods retail for 12.50 each OR you can Subscribe to get the Orglamix Glitter Grab Bag for $19.00  

A catwalk just wouldn’t be a catwalk without glitters. These lightweight, fine particles of bright light add glamour to any type of makeup‚ÄĒon the face or body. A little bit goes a long way. Just pat on the skin with a wet brush for a long-lasting effect.

Curated by the Orglamix team, each Glitter Mystery Bag features an assortment 5 different glitters.


Here’s some playing around I did! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @imnoprofessional87 for more looks to come using ORGLAMIX!!!!! ūüėÄ


Perfect for holidays!!! Like the 4th of JULY!

20170616_185035 (3)                                   Even fun for tattoos !!!!

In the end I’m very happy with these glitters. I never felt them, super comfortable & easy to work with. The shades are beautiful & The shade names are spot on haha I just love it!  My only only ONLY negative thing to say would be on the containers themselves. Because I do lose a lot of glitter while it’s just sits in the bag, & when I open the pods its like a mini glitter bomb every time. But Really that’s it!

Now I Just need to collect EVERY color lol ūüėÄ

Have you tried any Orglamix products yet? If so tell me in the comments below what your favorites are.




Essence & wet n wild Giveaway!!!

IMG_7543¬†Summer is just around the corner & to celebrate I’m doing a giveaway!

8 Products + an extra Bonus gift = a value of $40 in goodies!!!

When I decided to do I a giveaway, I knew it was going to be essence & wet n wild! When you are¬†someone who¬†doesn’t¬†have a huge makeup budget these are a couple of my favorite go to brands to¬†FEED¬†the inner makeup BEAST!

Affordable products that wont break the bank? Still look and feel amazing??? That’s right nothing “CHEAP” here. Even the most experienced beauty guru you will find using these brands.

If you would like to watch a get ready with me video click (here) featuring some of the prducts in the giveaway.

So let’s welcome summer & give some products AWAY!


Product List



Eyebrow  Brush

Must-have tool for perfectly defined & coloured eyebrows. The angled shapes provid the best control when applying either cream, powder or gel products. The wide side of the brush can be used to follow the brow & colour them in easily- for wow-brows!

blush up! powder blush in 10 heat wave

Multi colour powder blush for a fresh look all day long. Use each colour solo or create individual looks by combining them. From natural to intensive-everything is possible!

20170613_11580202 Porcelain Doll

Longlasting lipstick

Wet n wild


Small eyeshadow brush

Your eyeshadow precision dilemma is solved! This small, domed brush of short, rounded bristles picks up a heavy dose of shadow to give you as much color as you need. Innovative bristles and an ergonomic handle add to the party. This one is definitely a makeup must-have.

Au Naturel 754a Nude Awakening

Get a little risqué and go au naturel! This palette of ten neutral shades is anything but ordinary. You’ve got every bronze-hued shade that tickles your fancy, from mattes to shimmers to satins to sparkles. Includes a jet-milled base, silicone technology, and pearl density to make them uber-pigmented, smooth like silk, and last for hours.


Megaglo Contouring palette 749A

This duo of perfectly complementary contouring powders delivers a flawlessly sculpted face in no time flat. The deeper color defines while the lighter color highlights your best features, leaving you at your #nofilter best, whatever the occasion.

Silk finish Lipstick 536A Dark wine & 354B Mink brown

We‚Äôve never quite understood why others make you spend over 20X as much on something that we give you for next to nothing. Our lipstick formula contains all the same things as the other guys: rich color, vitamins A & E, aloe vera, and really feels like putting silk on your lips. If you‚Äôre already thinking ‚ÄúThat is a crazy bargain,‚ÄĚ we‚Äôve now added macadamia nut oil that contains antioxidants to hydrate your lips for a smooth, supple pout. Are we just crazy? Have we gone too far? Or do you deserve it? We definitely think so! One try, and we guarantee you will declare this your best lipstick brand of life.

All product info was taken off of company website ūüėÄ

AND last but not least……BONUS gift! Take a wild guess as to what it is?! lol20170613_115600

Good Luck!

Thank you for all your love & support. Let’s get a sexy jump start to summer 2017!!! To enter to win click the link below! Contest will end june 30th @ 11:00p.m. PST


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in……


Cream Deep Wine Red20170426_000947 (2)

20170426_001113 (3)
Simple but BOLD eyes!
20170426_000705 (3)
All about those lips!
20170426_000636 (3)



Comfort Matte medium fuchsia-pink

20170426_181628 (2)

I think I LOVE PINK now… What can I say? When it looks this good!!!? #cantstopstaring lol20170426_181811 (2)20170426_190121 (2)20170426_190038 (2)



Cream Bright Red Orange20170502_23404120170502_23401220170502_234347



Cream Dust Rose20170601_091903



Cream Deep Fuchsia Shimmer20170503_00284020170503_010605 (2)20170503_003911 (2)



Cream Soft Wine20170601_092551



Comfort Matte Mauve Nude Pink20170428_140155 (2)20170428_140229 (2)20170428_141421 (2)



Cream Deep Fuchsia20170426_20200220170426_202132 (2)20170426_202658 (2)



Cream Deep Red with Tonal Shimmer20170601_093326

See anything you like? Click here Beauty! Tell me what’s your favorite shade?

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Urban Decay Vice lipstick “NAKED”

20170427_162114 (2).jpgThis is a cream lipstick in the shade “Naked” &…..¬†I’m in LOVE!!! This color is perfect for everyday!!!! I mean EVERYDAY! To show this I wore it completely alone.20170427_162530 (2)

Added some smoke toner to my hair along with the silver & violet that I already have,¬†Color by Paul Mitchell. 20170427_162407 (2)Product list….

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Naked



Urban Decay Vice Lipstick “PSYCHO”

This shade is in a comfort matte. When looking at this shade I thought I was going to be more on the¬†red side. It’s a bit deceiving when¬†the lipsticks are¬†in¬†tiny samples. Anyways¬†I was surprised with how pink/violet¬†it actually looks. (So rose? haha) As I was applying I noticed some glitter and thought “Oh shoot how did I get glitter in there?” lol NOPE it’s part of the lipstick!! It has these iridescent blue micro sparkles. Super pretty but might be a hard to see in the photo sorry.

I added this pretty gold strip. It seems to be what’s¬†trending¬†right now,¬†so¬†I thought¬†I would give a go! ūüėÄ Ya not going to lie I’m feeling this!!!And of course with a name like Psycho you gotta go dark…20170424_222836 (3)20170424_222944 (3)To get this gold all¬†I did was applied my mascara and with the second coat while it was still wet, I took some eyeshadow and packed it on the tips of my lashes.

20170424_223855 (2)With my hair¬†I decided to do a faux A-line. Super easy to do if you have some layers to work with. You just pin-up your long layers underneath your short ones,¬†BOOM! instant short hair and no commitment. LOL I took these photos after¬†taking photos hahaha¬†but ended up really liking them. So here’s some with my hair up. Showing off this awesome tone in my hair!20170424_224353 (2)20170424_223616 (2)

Just to show off my shirt! lol I’ve had this shirt for a while and to be honest¬†I can’t remember where¬†I got it. Sorry

Products used:

Urban Decay Vice lipstick in PSYCHO

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion primer

Kat Von D Tattoo lock kit foundation

Cover Girl Loose powder 115

Benefit Hoola

Blush- rose quartz (shade)

Miracle Skin Concealer

essence Lash Princess False Lash Mascara

essence shimmer bellas secret

kat von d spellbinding eyeshadow palette

Coastal Scents 120 one palette

Sonia kashuk in taupe

Too Faced Shadow Insurance


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick “ZZ”

This Lipstick is amazing!! I just swiped it¬†ONCE across my lips and¬†they where¬†FULL of color! Very happy with the pigment and formula of this shade.¬†It felt really nice on my lips, Comfortable to wear! Happy lady here ūüėÄ haha

*Note I did add some color to the center of my lips to enhance this color.20170424_212941 (2)

This inspired my eyes to look like…20170424_213037 (2)And to pull it all together!20170424_213334_010 (2)20170424_213850 (2)20170424_213602 (3)p.s. I’m loving my hair this shade!!! Might have to start working some more silver into it.


Products used:

Urban Decay Vice lipstick in ZZ

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion primer

Kat Von D Tattoo lock kit foundation

Cover Girl Loose powder 115

Benefit Hoola

Blush- rose quartz (shade)

Miracle Skin Concealer

essence Lash Princess False Lash Mascara

essence shimmer bellas secret

kat von d spellbinding eyeshadow palette

Coastal Scents 120 one palette

Sonia kashuk in taupe

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

That’s it for this look! Hope you liked it. Don’t forget to like and follow me!¬†Until next time MUAH!

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Clairol Professional iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment

Refreshing Susie Q’s DO!!

It can¬†time to refresh my girlfriends hair again. Witch meant BLEACH! Muahaha Bleach really isn’t all that scary as long as you respect the product (follow the directions) you’ll be¬†ok ūüėÄ If it’s your first time using bleach or putting bleach on someone else’s hair, always start with a “test strand”¬†to see how the hair will react. This information should also be with your bleach. I don’t recommend box bleach….. ever! Go to your local Beauty Supply Store!!!! Trust me &¬†the cost¬†is no different.

OK Moving on! This is Susie and she uses a hair masque about 2x a week. Her hair is¬†really soft! So when working with her hair we want to keep the integrity of it. That’s always my goal when working with anyone’s hair.¬†Instead of pushing the hair, Because I want¬†instant result.¬†Patience people! lol
(REMEMBER I am not a professional!) This is just how I do things.

I told Susie pick up some hair masque as well so we had something nice to hydrate her hair after bleaching. I was all out of good stuff. So she brings Clairol professional iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment here are the stats.

Formulated with IntenseCURE‚ĄĘ, Clairol Professional iThrive‚ĄĘ Keratin Rescue Treatment instantly repairs damage.

  • Revives dry, damaged hair
  • Creates a layer of protection around each hair strand
  • Color-safeIMG_8972

Here’s Susie’s beforeIMG_8939 (2)Products used where:

*ion color brilliance powder lightner with a Conditioning , Dust-free formula for on and off the scalp application. With Gardenia+Coconut

*ion Sensitive Scalp 30 volume creme developer

*Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo for Blonde & Silver

*Any cheap conditioner to mix with the purple shampoo

*Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner

*Clairol iThive Keratin Rescue

(Linked products to Sally’s Beauty Supply where they were purchased)

Susie got a light trim & highlights this time around.

After rinsing the bleach¬†out I¬†could tell¬†Susie’s hair was THIRSTY! But that’s pretty normal with bleach. I should have gotten a photo but completely forgot. I then used my mixture of purple shampoo & conditioner to help tone & moisturize her hair. ¬†We then went on to¬†tone her hair with the wella T18. I let¬†her¬†hair sit¬†&¬†tone for about 30 min. We then proceeded to giving her hair life again by using Clairol iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment!

Here’s Susie’s hair afterIMG_8954 (2)

Oh man Clairol iThrive keratin Rescue is AWEmazing!!!¬†Her hair came back to life in¬†just 5MIN!¬†That’s it 5 whole min. Normally I don’t like to dry hair after bleaching it but… ya know we couldn’t wait!!!¬†Susie’s¬†hair was¬†more¬†alive leaving my house then when it arrived. I highly recommend Clairol iThrive Keratin Rescue Treatment. Plus it’s super affordble & wont break the bank!!¬†This¬†is just one product in this line of Clairol Professional Keratin Rescue. Here’s some info:


The 3-step system includes a shampoo to instantly repair damage, a conditioner for lasting nourishment and a rich, conditioning treatment for damaged hair. To smooth split ends, try Split End Repair as the finishing step. Here’s a link (click here)¬†for more info.

Don’t forget to like &¬†comment. I love hearing from people ūüėÄ





Urban Decay Vice Lipstick “GUBBY”

Now to be honest I’m not 100% sure what “Gubby”¬†means or is.¬†With that said this beautiful color brought out my inner earth child! This light metallized shade is perfect for everywhere! Whether you’re a beginner with¬†makeup or an old pro, this is the one to check out!!IMG_9147 (2).JPGThis shade inspired… IMG_9142 (3)Overall look! Remember makeup is meant to be creative and fun. Never limit yourself! MUAH!20170413_215150 (2)

20170413_215142 (2)20170413_215041 (2)20170413_214648 (2)Namaste ūüôā

Products used:

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in GUBBY

Kat Von D Spellbinding eyeshadow palette

Kat Von D Liquid tattoo liner

Benefit hoola

Natural touch blush

Lashes- essence cherry blossom girl paper lashes

Voluminous Mascara in cobalt blue

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I believe my tattoos are by¬†paperslef, But they were given to me so¬†unfortunately I¬†can’t say for sure.



Urban Decay Vise Lipstick “714”

Whoa mama!!! Feeling confident? Want to look on the outside how your feeling on the¬†inside? ūüėČ Well look no further! This eye-catching MEGA MATTE¬†in 714¬†is IT! Thank you Urban Decay whoop whoop!! lol & I might add this mega matte¬†stayed in place like a champ & was comfortable to wear!IMG_9089 (2) This sexy color inspired…

IMG_9101 (2)IMG_9093 (2)

Nothing Like red lips! IMG_9095 (2)

Products used:

Urban Decay Vice lipstick in 714

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion primer

Au Natural Cosmetics Crème Foundation in Porcelain

Cover Girl Loose powder 115

Benefit Hoola

Manna Kadar blush

Miracle Skin Concealer

essence Shimmer bella’s secret 01 used for highlight

Costal Scents 28 neutral palette

Kat Von D liquid liner

Sonia kashuk in taupe

essence lash princess

Too Faced Shadow Insurance




Urban Decay Vice lipstick “BIG BANG”

Are you looking for¬†bright sparkly goodness¬†to cover your lips? BIG BANG¬†is for you. This METALLIZED lipstick has all the glitz & glamour you could ask for. Super comfortable to wear, I didn’t feel the glitter bits at all nor does it look like glitter sitting on my lips!!!IMG_9056 (2)This inspired…IMG_9083 (2)

Muah!…IMG_9072 (2)

Products used:

Urban Decay Vice lipstick in BIG BANG

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion primer

Au Natural Cosmetics Crème Foundation in Porcelain

Cover Girl Loose powder 115

Benefit Hoola

Manna Kadar blush

Miracle Skin Concealer

essence Shimmer bella’s secret 01 used for highlight

Costal Scents 12 one palette/ 28 neutral palette

Sonia kashuk in taupe

essence lash princess

Too Faced Shadow Insurance