Ok let’s talk nails!

Normally I don’t do nail polish!! NOPE…. My nails are thinner so I’m lucky if it stays on half the day. Also I’m very impatient waiting for them to dry!! Not my thing, BUT my thoughts on nail polish may have changed!.. Possibly forever haha IMG_8361Both of these dry with a shiny finish. I would say you need two coats of the TRUST FUND BEAUTY but that’s ok it dries fast so who cares?! Now the PRETTY WOMAN you only need ONE coat & it also dries super quick! Love these two products & would recommend them to anyone! Nail polish lover or not:)

ABSOLUTE! Nail polish remover (peach) OH. MY! This is the most amazing nail polish remover ever! It has a very faint fragrance & it’s acetone FREE! Leaving my nails my nails feeling happy & hydrated. These come with 32 pads & at first I was thing ” Wow I’m going to use these in one sitting!”…NOPE! I can do both hands with ONE pad. Two at most ever & that only seems to be when I have darks colors on & a few layers.

From left to right: TRUST FUND BEAUTY in $12 latte / PRETTY WOMAN in I’m not a ballerina / ABSOLUTE! nail polish remover in peach

What are some of your favorite nail polishes & why? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to give some a try 😀