Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in……


Cream Deep Wine Red20170426_000947 (2)

20170426_001113 (3)
Simple but BOLD eyes!
20170426_000705 (3)
All about those lips!
20170426_000636 (3)



Comfort Matte medium fuchsia-pink

20170426_181628 (2)

I think I LOVE PINK now… What can I say? When it looks this good!!!? #cantstopstaring lol20170426_181811 (2)20170426_190121 (2)20170426_190038 (2)



Cream Bright Red Orange20170502_23404120170502_23401220170502_234347



Cream Dust Rose20170601_091903



Cream Deep Fuchsia Shimmer20170503_00284020170503_010605 (2)20170503_003911 (2)



Cream Soft Wine20170601_092551



Comfort Matte Mauve Nude Pink20170428_140155 (2)20170428_140229 (2)20170428_141421 (2)



Cream Deep Fuchsia20170426_20200220170426_202132 (2)20170426_202658 (2)



Cream Deep Red with Tonal Shimmer20170601_093326

See anything you like? Click here Beauty! Tell me what’s your favorite shade?


3 thoughts on “Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in……”

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